At the Ruthless Billionaire's Command - Carole .. 05 Jessica Clare - [Billionaire Boys Club 05] - Romancing the Billionaire [MF] (retail) (epub). epub Jessica Clare - Billionaire Boys Club - His Royal May 3, Romancing the Billionaire by Jessica Clare - read or download the free ebook online now from ePub Bud!. ePub Bud - Download Free "Jessica Clare" ePub eBooks for the iPad and nook! Romancing The Billionaire by Jessica Clare Billionaire Boys Club Series.

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Billionaire Boys Club has 22 entries in the series. Jessica Clare Author (). cover image of Beauty and (). cover image of Romancing the Billionaire. Pen name for Jill Myles / Jessica Sims! Jessica Clare Author () cover image of The Wrong Billionaire's Bed cover image of Romancing the Billionaire . Fans of J.S. Scott, Louise Bay and Melody Anne - prepare to be dazzled by Jessica Clare's Billionaire Boys Club. The Billionaire Boys Club is a secret society of.

He looked over at Alex. She tilted her head in acknowledgement. You two wait here. Margaret returned to Alex's side with a sniff. That was her job. She was always the faultless, kind one. It was Margaret's job to be the bad guy. If the director asks us to leave, we will.

She was very old-fashioned and didn't grasp that society was changing, and that royalty weren't quite. A tall, thin man with wild gray hair came trotting forward a few minutes later, the frowning guard at his heels. He had wire-framed glasses that didn't seem to sit quite straight on his nose, and his clothing was rumpled. People normally bowed when they met her, but again, Americans didn't have the same rules that a lot of Europeans did, and she didn't mind.

Margaret's stiff posture spoke of insult, so Alex made sure to make her voice warm with greeting. Nick Stanton. You directed Pirates!

Romancing the Billionaire

Are you a fan? This is very much a car-chase sort of movie.

Let me give you a tour of the set. She hoped the tour would include a nice meet and greet with the principal actors, as well. Stanton's crowded, paper-strewn office, where he proceeded to regale her with tales of Hollywood and how much cheaper it was to film in Bellissime than in Prague, where he'd been on location last. Alex kept up her polite smile, but inwardly she was despairing that she'd ever get to meet Luke Houston. Goodness, at this point she'd settle for a brief glimpse of the man.

But the director didn't seem to be in any particular hurry.

In fact, he was shoving a script in her direction and offering her a walk-on part since she was such a fan. Alex, of course, demurred. It would be unseemly for a royal personage to show up in a pop culture film, especially one that might have sex, nudity, violence, or foul language. That was a public relations nightmare in the making. I'll tell you if you need work. Alex's stomach gave an unpleasant twist, and she gave Margaret a mild look of distress. Always mild. Never show how worried she truly was.

A royal princess was always unruffled and calm. Margaret, of course, freaked out. We're doing a piece for the local news. I don't see-" Alex's hands tightened on her tiny purse. Oh, no. She couldn't be on the news, snooping around an American movie set. They would wonder what she was up to, and people would speculate on her character, her motives, and goodness knew what else.

This was bad. Sara Craven - His Forbidden Bride. Sara Craven - Bartaldi's Bride. Leave a comment Dakota Bby pinned post 4 Mar Her Rebel - Alexa Riley. The Markonos Bride by Michelle Reid. Dakota Bby pinned post 2 Mar The Master's Mistress - Carole Mortimer. Married by Christmas - Carole Mortimer. Engaged to Jarrod Stone - Carole Mortimer. In Separate Bedrooms - Carole Mortimer. Jilted Bridegroom, The - Carole Mortimer. Hidden Love - Carole Mortimer. Hawk's Prey - Carole Mortimer. Brand of Possession - Carole Mortimer.

After the Loving - Carole Mortimer. Burning Obsession - Carole Mortimer. Fantasy Girl - Carole Mortimer.

Arshi Shaikh. I personally don't download the message trying to be sold.

And what kind of girl gets offended by the way a guy wears his hair??? Jan 31, Alia Ros rated it really liked it. It got reallllllyy hot towards the ending omg ahahha still loving this series! View 2 comments. Jul 04, Syndi rated it liked it. Book 5 of Billionaire Boys Club is a bit let down.

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I am expecting an Indiana Jones adventure. Not some kind of PG rated treasure hunting.

The romance is better compare to the previous book. Violet has let heart broken by Jonathan 10 years early. The suddenly Jonathan shows up on her life. Jonathan still in love with Violet.

But due to miscommunication 10 years ago, Violet shuns him out. Eventually she agrees to come with Jonathan for a treasure hunting. And during those trips they fall in love w Book 5 of Billionaire Boys Club is a bit let down. And during those trips they fall in love with other. It is HEA story. I am disappointed with the lack of adventure. There are some very cheesy part that makes me cringe.

Like Violet have erotic dream about Jonathan. There is a very romantic swoon worthy poems in the middle. I like the poems very much.

Apr 18, Cristina rated it liked it Shelves: I was very disappointed with this novel because I loved the Billionaire Boys Club series but the last 2 novels have been a total let down To be brief: During the firs sex scene I had to skip ahead and I love sex scenes because come on And a vanilla guy suddenly feels the need to tie a woman and has not done it befo I was very disappointed with this novel because I loved the Billionaire Boys Club series but the last 2 novels have been a total let down And a vanilla guy suddenly feels the need to tie a woman and has not done it before with anyone which who he hasn't had sex in 10 years?

All this sounds very far-fetched to me so I had to abandon the novel at one point and not continue wasting my time with it. If you are Billionaire Boys Club series you can give it a try but otherwise I do not recommend it.

Apr 17, Lizmichel rated it liked it.

Why soooooo looooonggggg???????????? Jun 02, Julia's Book Haven rated it it was amazing Shelves: Absolutely loved it! Highly recommend this series! Il Prof. E lo stesso Jonathan perde interesse verso la cosa quasi da subito. E alla fine non poteva che essere un trionfo. Continua su CrazyForRomance Per acquistare il libro clicca qui Nov 19, Gail Mitchell rated it it was ok.

Not as good as the other books in this series. I found Violet very annoying and self- centered. At 19 they are both still essentially kids, but Violet suddenly expects Jonathan to make an adult, life changing decision without any previous discussions.

When Violet finds out that she is pregnant, she doesn't tell Jonathan, instead she drops vague hints and expects Jonathan to guess or read her mind to find out the "great news". Like any regular 19 year old, Jonathan is totally clueless and does no Not as good as the other books in this series.

Like any regular 19 year old, Jonathan is totally clueless and does not get the "right answers" to her hints. Violet then storms off and spent the next 10 years bitter and feeling sorry for herself. Oh yeah she also really, really hates Jonathan.

Unrealistic expectations. I am a great Jessica Clare fan, but this book did nothing for me. Definitely my least favorite book in the series. Our h and H were teenage bang buddies. The h's father was a famous but shitty, deadbeat, money hungry etc etc archaeologist who only cared about his career.

He was also the H's mentor. H and h meet one wild summer, copulate, after which the h begs for commitment and the non-caring hero then is like B, BYE. What he doesn't know is the h is preggo, and soon loses the baby. They have huge miscommunications here thanks to the dad. Fast forward to present. Shithole dad is dead after committing robbery. Leaves a letter to both h and H.

H is apparently still crazy about the h and manipulates his way into her life, forcing her to accompany him into solving the puzzle to the missing artifact.

The h is extremely hurt and angry, but reluctantly agrees. They go on the expedition, where the truth is exposed, wounds are potentially healed, and old chemistry is reignited. But with hurt of the past still lingering between them, will they ever find HEA?

Unlikable hero and heroine. Loads of sex. Semi-interesting story. Frustration inducing scenes. But why not zero stars? He regretted the past 2.

She made him work for it 3. The sex was hot Did not enjoy it much tbh. I can tolerate second chance romances if done well- having good amount of angst, romance and loyalty to one another. This had none. Unsafe 1. May 21, DW rated it it was amazing Shelves: I love the Billionaire Boys Club!! Oct 22, Stephanie rated it really liked it. And even the happily situated has those days when our loved ones drive us crazy and we daydream of that guy, rolling up in his fancy car, professing his undying love and d ORIGINAL review on October 22, With site and tour giveaways: And even the happily situated has those days when our loved ones drive us crazy and we daydream of that guy, rolling up in his fancy car, professing his undying love and devotion.

Learning that leaving you had been a terrible misunderstanding, or sabotage would just be the icing on the cake. And, would he like a cup of coffee before he leaves?

Or, maybe not. I thought the writing in this book is the best, so far, in the series. The plot is complicated with the past and present coming together, with parental issues and long held misunderstandings threatening forward motion in life and any future relationship. And,though the fantasy is a bit sophomoric, I am pretty sure it is universal. I would have a harder time getting past that than anything. I enjoyed the book as a light and steamy new adult romance with a theme that has the potential to touch the heart of any woman who was ever hurt by their sweetheart.

Aug 12, London rated it liked it Shelves: Standalone series Author: Jessica Clare Rating: Dual HEA: Intolerable Heroine. Taboo Subject Matter. A completely obsessed hero 2. A good amount of groveling 3. A hero that never gives up no matter how much the heroine pushes him away While the book did slow down a bit towards the middle I still really enjoyed it. I can always count on this author to get me out of a book funk. Does anyone remember either of them from previous books?

View all 13 comments. Oct 21, Cocktails and Books rated it really liked it. It is book five in the Billionaire Boys Club, and can be read as a standalone, but I will definitely be checking out the other books in this series. Phineas DeWitt. Phineas sends the two on an adventure, and the sparks fly from there.

This is a second chance love story, brought together by tragedy and a push from the grave. She was a strong, independent woman who gave as good as she got.

Jonathan realizes he has always loved Violet, and I enjoyed the way he tried to show her how he really felt. The adventure orchestrated by Phineas was engaging and interesting, and it was nice to watch Violet and Jonathan try and find their new normal.

I loved the ending, and am definitely looking forward to the next book in the series. Reviewed by Lucy for Cocktails and Books Sep 21, AmeliaaXavier rated it really liked it Shelves: Since the first book he intrigued me more than the other men. Hands-down this is now one of my favorite in this series!

That's priceless! Full review to come! Nov 15, starsaga rated it it was ok Shelves: I wanted more humor and less struggle to overcome their shared history. There was way too much of that and also the father somehow bringing them together with clues spread across the world was over-contrived. Nov 13, Ash rated it it was ok. Just couldnt connect with this book. Mar 31, Elaine rated it really liked it. I read a lot of romance novels and this one feels just that bit more endearing than others I've found enjoyable.

I look forward to reading many more by this author. Un altro libro rovinato da un'eroina antipatica. Oct 30, christine danielle Bibliophilic Madness rated it really liked it Shelves:This shoot is off limits. View all 7 comments.

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By the way, there is nothing sexy about a woman screaming out "Penetrate me" during a sex scene. I look forward to reading many more by this author. Violet is a teacher and she has major daddy issues. Their country was tucked into the mountains between France, Switzerland, and Italy, and while they were world famous for truffles and chocolate?

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