The Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book: A guide to whole-grain breadmaking. Robertson, L., C. Flinders, and B. Godfrey. From Random House, New York NY Editorial Reviews. Review. “Original, thorough and comprehensive Should help to demystify the process of baking with whole grains.” —The New York Times. Laurel's Kitchen Recipes [Laurel Robertson, Carol L. Flinders, Brian Ruppenthal] on The Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book: A Guide to Whole-Grain Breadmaking.

The Laurels Kitchen B Book

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The Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book is the classic bestselling cookbook devoted to baking light, healthful, delicious bread entirely from whole grains. This specially. Laurel's Kitchen: A Handbook for Vegetarian Cookery & Nutrition. Front Cover This was my first vegetarian book more than 20 years ago. I read it cover to. Laurel's Kitchen Bread Bk Updated by Laurel Robertson, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

Quick white bread may be possible - but quick whole wheat bread is an anathema. Did our ancestors, who spent, what, 6, years perfecting yeasted bread, make "quick" or "no-knead" bread?

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Absolutely not. Who are we to think that high-technology could perfect a thing already so perfected? As you can see, baking bread is not just baking - it's a political statement.

Laurel's experience jibes with mine, it turns out. Also, she claims that she has further perfected in the sense of - returned to the roots of the whole process whole wheat bread to the point where it's as light and fluffy but more flavorful as white bread!! Well, that's quite a claim, and there's only one way to find out - the dough is in the oven right now, rising under the pilot light. By tonight, I'll be able to say whether she exaggerates.

Learning through your Ass: The Return of Laurel’s Kitchen

However, she's getting a tentative five stars from me, for now, because I love the writing! Breast Cancer? Breast Health! Cataletto, Richard B. Free Download Faith in Color: Free Download The Female Sex: Free Love Addict: Free Protecting Your Health Privacy: Get The Hysterectomy Hoax: Indoor Action Games for Elementary Children: Power Factor Specialization: Read Online Annual Editions: Read Online Skinny Bitch: The Art of Breathing: The Art of Changing: The New Lean for Life: The Zero Stress Diet: Please try again later.

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After I bought a grain mill for my kitchen so I can grind my own fresh, whole grain flours, I searched for a book that would teach me how to make bread and other things with it. This book was recommended by people in baking forums and I'm so happy I bought it. It's a wonderful resource for learning about the nuances of baking with whole grain wheat flour, and the way the first recipe is written "A Loaf for Learning" you're set up for success the way the instructions walk you through everything.

One section I particularly love is the Quick Breads. The authors talk about how most quick bread recipes are loaded with fat and sugar, and they provide alternatives to the typical formulas that are just as tasty. The Small Wonders section is also great because there are so many different types of small breads to make from dinner rolls to pocket bread. This book is my go-to reference for baking with homemade flour, and has helped make a solid foundation for exploring and adapting these recipes and others.

I like to experiment with different ingredients and combos, and The Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book is my trusty sidekick.

It helped inspire me to write my own whole grain baking book which is much more of a quick-start guide than an in-depth approach like this one because I want everyone to enjoy the benefits of baking with whole grain flour!

If you're getting started with baking with homemade wheat flour, or you want to try a bunch of new recipes for a whole variety of breads, this is a must-have.

You're just baking bread, nothing to be too serious about. Don't worry, and enjoy the process.

I appreciated this because it helped calm my fears about messing up with yeast and whole grain flour, but it might be too laid back for some.

I am new to making bread. My motivations stem from wanting a whole wheat bread without all of the junk in it that you find at the grocery. When I was researching 'how to' on the internet, I saw a reference to this book.

The reviewers for the most part loved it, so I bought it on my site needed that immediate gratification. Big mistake.

The book is disorganized. But there are multiple references to other sections of the book for hints, alternate methods, and more in-depth explanation of the process There is a lot lot lot of history. I don't care about the history of bread, I just want to make it. And there are no pictures except for some basic drawings.

So trying to decide on the proper consistency of the dough by "feeling deep into the dough" to see " does it resist your touch?

Learning through your Ass: The Return of Laurel’s Kitchen

Pictures would have been so helpful. So I researched. I reviewed other books and articles, watched you tube videos from pros and novices, and then went back to the book. I ended up incorporating many of the things I learned into this bread Then I went back and re-read the book I am looking forward to trying all of the whole grain recipes in it.

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I came upon this book after deciding to start making my family's bread and I'm SO glad I did. The first recipe, "a loaf for learning," isn't just a recipe. It's a 20 page detailed tutorial. I still flip back to it almost every time for illustrations on each step and there are a lot of steps!

This book isn't just packed full of recipes; it can teach the beginner baker like me how to make amazing healthy fresh breads. However, for the slightly less ambitious, there is also a chapter of bread machine recipes and instructions on making dough in a food processor. And if things don't go quite right, there are many troubleshooting tips to help you identify and correct the problem for next time. There are recipes for every type of bread you could ever want in this book, from bread to rolls to bagels to flat breads, all using whole grains and natural sweeteners honey is usually called for and it's noted that molasses etc may be substituted which is perfect for a clean eating lifestyle.

So far I've tried several loaf recipes, of which my favorite is honeybutter oat bread, and hamburger buns; tomorrow is going to be my first try for English muffins. A few months ago I never thought I'd be attempting to make English muffins!

Thanks to this fantastic cookbook I am. See all reviews. site Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.Trivia About The Laurel's Kitc Imaginative recipes use low-cost, easy-to-find foods, with dozens of ways to cut back on fat without losting flavor.

Did our ancestors, who spent, what, 6, years perfecting yeasted bread, make "quick" or "no-knead" bread?

The New Laurel's Kitchen

Thanks to this fantastic cookbook I am. Laurel Robertson is a seminal leader of whole-food cookery. About Carol L. If you ever wanted to to bake bread, this is the book to get.

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