Printed in the United States of America. Library of Congress Cataloging-in- Publication Data. Witemeyer, Karen. To win her heart / Karen Witemeyer. p. cm. Do They Have a Fighting Chance at Love? After completing his sentence for the unintentional crime that derailed his youthful plans for fame and fortune, Levi. Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. Do They Have a Fighting Chance at Love? . A Cowboy Unmatched (Ebook Shorts) (The Archer Brothers Book #3).

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Get Free Read & Download Files To Win Her Heart Karen Witemeyer PDF. TO WIN HER HEART KAREN WITEMEYER. Download: To Win Her Heart Karen. To Win Her Heart is a Fiction eBook by Karen Witemeyer. To Win Her Heart is about FICTION ROMANCE. download this eBook product online from koorong. com. Read To Win Her Heart by Karen Witemeyer for free with a 30 day free trial. Read unlimited* books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android.

Strengths and weaknesses Stone is a take-charge kind of man which is both a strength and a weakness. It makes him strong, decisive, and confident. A less persistent man would cut his losses and miss out on the most precious prize of all.

Quirk if any He travels with enough weaponry to take down a small militia single-handedly.

Which comes in handy when fighting off a band of reward-seeking mercenaries. Your inspiration for the character My husband loves action movies, and I must admit that I enjoy many of them, as well.

I love the strong alpha male heroes who inspire instant confidence with their capabilities and demeanor, yet who are also humble and ready to defend those they hold most dear. So when I dreamed up Stone Hammond, I gave him those same qualities and even a touch of the legendary-ness that all the best action heroes possess.

Charlotte Atherton Brief physical description Tall with a willowy figure, dark blonde hair, blue-green eyes, pale complexion. Resembles… I never start with model or actress in mind when I create my characters, so it is challenging to find one that matches my mental image after the fact.

The closest I came to finding my Charlotte was with Jessica Biel. Strengths and weaknesses Charlotte is a gifted musician and a teacher adored by her students.

Your inspiration for the character I wanted a heroine who had brokenness in her background. Usually, I give my heroes the most scars, but this time I wanted to switch things up and have a heroine who struggles to commit and trust her feelings.

Tailor-Made Bride is her first novel.

Karen lives in Abilene, Texas, with her husband and three children. Add to Wishlist.

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Beautiful love story By Audrey , Mar 08 Couldn't put it down By Maxine , Nov 06 Available for immediate download. Product Details.When a mountain-sized stranger walks through her door and asks to borrow a book, she's reluctant to trust him. He knew the passage from Romans 8.

The Bible and recommendation letter in his knapsack fueled his hope, but his past dragged behind him like the lead ball that used to be shackled to his leg. No glaring faults? Levi shoved the sack aside and lurched to his feet, still clutching the letter.

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