by Edward C. Baig. USA TODAY Personal Tech columnist and. Bob LeVitus. Houston Chronicle“Dr. Mac”columnist. iPhone. ™. FOR. DUMmIES‰. Your iPhone can be so much more than a communication tool to talk into. Aside from making calls and creating your contacts, you need to get familiar with the. Find Chapter 17, a guide to starting with your iPhone and iTunes, and other helpful PDF Apple support website,. PDF Apple Watch, App Store.

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Your iPhone features and apps may vary depending on the model of iPhone you have, and on your location, language, and carrier. To find out which features. So you've just bought your first iPhone or iPad, and you're a little unsure where to begin. This guide is available to download as a free PDF. Printing or Emailing a PDF. Organizing the Bookshelf. Bookmark and Note Syncing. Chapter Accessibility. Universal Access Features.

When you see the Apple logo, release both buttons. For all iPhone X models, press and hold down the side button and either volume button until the Apple logo appears. Reset the iPhone settings. Restore your iPhone.

What is iOS?

Connect your iPhone to your computer as though you were about to sync. Then select the iPhone in the iTunes source list, and click the Restore button on the Summary tab.

This last suggestion erases all your data and media and resets all your settings. One last thing: Most of the time you spend with her involves getting an answer, but she can do more than answer questions. Siri can also amuse and entertain you and your friends. So without further ado, here are ten ways you can have some fun with Siri. Be sure to try each phrase more than once—Siri has more than one amusing response to most of them.

As you know, Siri is female by nature and by default. But you can change her or his gender and accent anytime you like.

Or at least the voice of an American, British, or Australian man or woman. Siri will gladly call you whatever you like. These clever animated avatars let you record your voice and facial expressions onto animated characters and send them to your friends. Tap the red record button and record your message 10 seconds or less. After recording an animoji:. If you see a battery icon with a thin red band and an icon displaying a wall plug, an arrow, and a lightning bolt, you need to let your iPhone charge for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

When the battery picture goes away or turns green instead of red, go back to Step 3 and try again.

Updating upgrades the software to the latest version while preserving all the content and settings on your device. Use iTunes to restore the device from a backup. Dummies Insider Sign up for insider news on books, authors, discounts and more content created just for you. Cheat Sheet. Mastering the iPhone 7 and 8 Series Multitouch Screen The Apple iPhone has no physical keyboard or keypad buttons, so you have to use a virtual version of buttons and controls that appear on-screen for the tasks at hand.

Press the Home button to return to the first home screen at any time. Flick a finger to scroll through music, pictures, emails, contacts, and more. Tap against the screen to open applications, play songs, choose photos, and so on Pinch and unpinch to enlarge web pages and pictures, or make them smaller.

Download Apple’s Official iPhone 5 User Guide [PDF]

The actions involve placing your thumb and index finger against the screen. Then, keeping the thumb in place, drag your index finger to pinch or unpinch accordingly. Swipe the screen from top to bottom to open Notification Center; swipe from bottom to top to close it. Swipe the screen from bottom to top to open Control Center; swipe from top to bottom to close it.

Press gently to peek; press harder to open using 3D Touch. Trust the virtual keyboard.

iPhone 5 User Manual and Instructions Guide for Beginner’s

The touchscreen provides visual suggestions and corrects mistakes on the fly. Correct errors by holding your fingers against the screen to bring up a magnifying glass that lets you position the pointer in the precise spot you want to edit.

Go Home: Swipe up from the bottom to return to the Home screen or to return to the first page of Home screens from other pages. Old-school equivalent: Tap the Home button. Switch apps: Swipe up and pause without lifting your finger to invoke the app switcher. Or swipe right along the bottom to switch to the last app you used, as shown in the figure. Double-tap the Home button. To close a running app, swipe it upward.

Tap against the screen to open applications, play songs, choose photos, and so on.

Pinch and unpinch to enlarge web pages and pictures, or make them smaller. Swipe down from the top-right corner to open Control Center. First tap the Phone icon on the Home screen, and then tap on one of these icons: Manually dial on a virtual touchtone keypad.

Press and hold down: Some of the things you can do with contacts in the Phone application include the following: Enter the contact information, and then tap Done. Start with the first tip — later suggestions are more drastic. According to the rumors, the soon-to-arrive series will feature the same color palette complemented with glaring Jet White. As already established above, the release date is expected to be scheduled for early autumn This implies that as soon as in September the fans of hi-tech products by Apple Inc.

What do we know about design peculiarities of iPhone 8? The speculations and rumors suggest the release of a dual-model series that will include iPhone 8 proper and its enhanced version iPhone 8 Plus.


Reportedly, the former will feature a screen that measures 5 inches diagonally. Renown market analysts are convinced both upcoming iPhone models will have no bezels and boast of a curved design.

Some experts believe iPhone 8 will obtain a completely renovated design and a body made from ultra-durable glass. According to the recent rumors, the new-series iPhone 8 will say goodbye to the Home button. What specifications of iPhone 8 have been announced?Press and hold down: To date it's been restricted to use for Apple Pay, which lets you pay for things using your iPhone at supported stores. Note that if you want more than 5GB of online storage with iCloud, you've got to pay for it.

When will the world end? While there have been some isolated examples, the vast majority of apps are malware-free and pose little threat to your device or data. Your email address will not be published.

For email, you need to have accounts via a third party—from your work, your ISP, a service like Gmail or Yahoo or Outlook. These included an aluminum-based body which has been thinner and lighter compared to previous models, a larger display screen with a nearly 9: But what's this FaceTime? If you're in any app on the phone, a push of this button will take you back to the Home screen.

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