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Nonlinear Finite Elements for. Continua and Structures. Ted Belytschko. Department of Mechanical Engineering. Northwestern University. Evanston, Illinois. This updated and expanded edition of the bestselling textbook provides a comprehensive introduction to the methods and theory of nonlinear finite element . covers 'Contact and friction' and Chapter 24 covers 'Nonlinear dynamics' (both other finite element work in the wide area of non-linear analysis of continua.

Nonlinear Finite Elements for Continua and Structures, 2nd Edition

First, the identification of the linear parameters is performed using a metric based only on the first order Volterra kernels. Then the nonlinear parameters are identified through a metric based on the higher-order kernels.

The originality of this nonlinear updating method stems from the decoupling of linear and nonlinear parameters and the use of global nonlinear model. In order to put in light the applicability of this technique, this work focus on the identification of the parameters in a nonlinear finite element model of a beam that was preloaded by compression mechanism. This work shows that the updated numerical model was able to represent the behaviour observed in the experimental measurements.

Moreover, the knowledge of the dynamical behaviour of a structure is important to control its integrity and to predict its service life. In the practical systems, nonlinear effects due to large displacements, gaps, jumps, discontinuities, etc.

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Worden and Tomlinson, The nonlinear finite element method is a very powerful tool to study the nonlinear vibrations. Nevertheless, it is not easy to identify the parameters of the nonlinear model due to the uncertainties in the modelling of the experimental system e. Despite of the important number of investigations, the nonlinear model updating techniques are not mature as the classical linear ones.

Furthermore, a bibliography review of the nonlinear updating methods is exposed by Bussetta et al. Generally, the updating methods are based on the minimisation of an objective function or a metric that represents the difference between the numerical results and the experimental data.

This objective function can use data in the frequency domain or in the time domain. The Volterra series can be used to defined this objective function e.

Nonlinear Finite Elements for Continua and Structures (eBook, PDF)

Wu and Kareem, ; Guo et al. In the paper of Shiki et al.

The last technique showed severe limitations, especially when considering higher levels of excitation of a model with lumped polynomial stiffness while the Volterra series showed a better performance with higher levels of nonlinearity. Generally speaking, the updating methods are applied by assuming linear models of the structure with lumped non-linearities, often assuming some kind of nonlinear springs as being the source of the nonlinear behaviour.

Although this kind of model is able to reproduce the nonlinear phenomena e.

Kerschen et al. The dynamical behaviour of structure is modelled using nonlinear finite element model and experimental data are used to identify numerical parameters. Nonlinear Finite Elements for Continua and Structures, Second Edition is a must have textbook for graduate students in mechanical engineering, civil engineering, applied mathematics, engineering mechanics, and materials science, and is also an excellent source of information for researchers and practitioners in industry.

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View Instructor Companion Site. Contact your Rep for all inquiries. His main research interest is in computational methods for modeling the behavior of solids, with particular emphasis on failure and fracture. His main areas of research include nonlinear finite elements, multiscale methods for materials design and engineering simulation.

His research interests include computational methods, continuum and fracture mechanics, micromechanics and composites. Khalil I.

Elkhodary is a post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Northwestern University. His research interests focus on theoretical and applied mechanics.

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Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, in press. Noor, A. Computational Plasticity Fundamentals and Applications. Related titles.

Hughes-The Finite Element Method. Thomas J.

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