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Bill Gates. The Road Ahead. Chapter 1. The First Part of the Road. I wrote my first program for a computer when I was thirteen This book will try to answer. And in , none had done it better than Trey, as Bill Gates was called. . A recent book, The Making of Microsoft by Daniel Ichbiah and. best-selling books and started his own charity with his wife. Gates was fascinated with electronics from a young age. In he read about a small technology.

Every prediction about major advances in AI has proved to be overly optimistic. Overindulgence and overreliance on the Internet The Internet will be pervasive and life and replace much of our current experiences.

This makes a failure of the network worrying. Cryptography breaking would be disastrous. Breaking RSA — Paul Kocher carefully timed how long it took the system to decrypt them, which gave enough information to find the private key.

All your activity will be recorded and your Wallet PC will measure many things. Should insurance be able to see what you eat at home? Should an employer see what you watch on Netflix? Navigational aids will point us to information relevant to us. Small players disrupt because they have to — the incumbent has raised the barrier of entry too high so small players have to start low cost eg PCs vs mainframes.

Making things easier pretty much guarantees it will be done more often.

Over time, the new machine finds a place in our everyday lives because it offers convenience, saves labor, and inspires us to new creative heights.

Goods and services and new jobs arise. It assumes a trusted place besides our other tools. A new generation grows up with it, changing and humanizing it, playing with it.

The first documents that achieve widespread use will offer new functionality rather than simply duplicate the older medium. Content needs to be specially authored with the medium in mind. It is impossible to do everything well. Companies do well by picking a narrow slice of the pie and focusing on it. The free market allows rapid innovation on many fronts in parallel, with most being failures but all contributing to shared learning and rapid progress.

The marketplace decides which approaches win and lose, getting to the right solution faster than with central planning.

Thus government should stay out of creating technology standards. By mandating complete compatibility with past machines eg mandating PCs compatible with mainframes , they can stifle innovation and progression to new standards.

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Killer app — a use of technology so attractive to consumers it fuels market forces and makes the underlying invention indispensable. The web abstracted away messy server connections, commands, and code.

The browser and https abstract away RSA Similarly, crypto needs to make the blockchain invisible — users get only the benefit. The trend in hardware was from specific to general purpose, enabled by software.

Bill Gates Biography

For the Internet, think — how should information move? New communication modes bring their own sort of etiquette Before phones, meetings happened face to face, likely with a meal and hours long visit. With phones, short calls were enabled. Consider like lines in a conversation, not like letters.

Reply-all, CC had their own etiquette. With texts, tweets, Snapchats, even more etiquette emoji, read but not responded. You might have warned your friends at the Acme Buggy Whip Company to polish up their resumes and learn something about engines, but would you have known to invest in real estate for strip malls?

Like Warren Buffett avoiding computers until Gates showed him how to play bridge online. The gold lays deeper and in different places than prospectors realize. People in a gold rush dream of quick riches and overinvest in the obvious areas, ignoring subtler or longer-term opportunities. Virtuous Cycles A de facto standard emerges when one way of doing something gets a slight advantage over competing ways.


For the IBM PC and MS-DOS: thousands of software applications appeared like Lotus ; companeis began making comaptible accessory card add-ons extending the hardware like floppy disk drives, memory expansion.

Gates argues that once the standard is set, sales skyrocket — though this may just be coincident with momentum identifyign a winner, rather than the consumer certainty of a known standard causing more sales. Their high margin long-distance service has subsidized underpriced local service, given in the name of universal service. They argue the Internet will be overwhelmed by traffic. Bill Gates and Computers Early on, Gates was thrilled with immediate feedback from whether program works or not.

If it was cheap, people would find all kinds of new applications, and software is the key to delivering on the full potential of the machines. We have to earn our leadership position every day. What's special about Shortform: The world's highest quality book summaries - comprehensive, concise, and everything you need to know Interactive exercises that teach you to apply what you've learned Discussion communities - get the best advice from other readers Get the world's best book summaries now A Brief History of Computing Over time, the new machine finds a place in our everyday lives because it offers convenience, saves labor, and inspires us to new creative heights.

The printing press was the first mass medium.

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For the first time knowledge, experiences, opinions could be passed on in a portable, durable form. Literacy was a significant skill that revolutionized education. The phone was once seen as a nuisance, a mechanical invader in the house.

Eventually, they realized this was a new kind of communication. In the s, Babbage saw that information could be manipulated if the information were converted into numbers first.

A general purpose machine running software could replace countless special-purpose machines like cotton gins. In s, Claude Shannon saw that computer circuits could perform logical operations with 1 and 0. Moths attracted to vacuum tubes with heat and light, causing short circuits. Analogy: the airplane propeller got perfected and reached a plateau until the jet came along from Ben Evans. Similarly, vacuum tubes got super powerful until the transistor came along.

DEC later failed to see the personal computer. Over 3 decades it held up, every 18 months.

Were they able to estimate the limits of physics? Software, peripherals would be compatible between models. Soon many clones followed. Some also argue OSX is tuned to Mac hardware. THey kept the software tied to their hardware. They first built Traf-O-Data to process data traffic tapes.

People are going to go write real software for the chip. After this, Gates vowed to always have enough cash on hand to run the company for a year with no income. MS sold to computer manufacturers because it feared piracy. Their main business is writing programs for the new machines appearing as the PC industry takes off. Gates recruits Steve Ballmer. They license software at low prices to earn on volume. The big fear is that a major computer manufacturer would take software for larger machines and scale it down to run on microprocessor-based computers.

IBM wants to create a PC in less than a year; this urgent timing forces it to abandon its tradition of creating all hardware and software itself. We wanted to be a part of it.

MS knows only one will become the standard. IBM customers who were reluctant to download Apples are happy to download from their traditional supplier. Peripherals make up for initial hardware limitations.

It was only by staying ahead of IBM technically that we maintained the relationship. Lotus is an early example, beating VisiCalc on the Apple II through its expanded memory and larger screen, yet retaining the menu structure and user experience so VisiCalc users could migrate to It was popular with reporters , who could type stories on the field and send it to HQ via an acoustic coupler.

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At eighteen, she left her Mennonite hometown, her family, and herfaith with plans never to return. Five years later, Lizzie findsGates predicted a positive feedback loop where talent disperses, causing employers to relax their location requirements.

In s, Claude Shannon saw that computer circuits could perform logical operations with 1 and 0. The predictions that fell short surely sounded reasonable back then many of them are still compelling. Computerized machines that will custom-make clothes based on your fit Making custom clothes is still really expensive. IBM wants to create a PC in less than a year; this urgent timing forces it to abandon its tradition of creating all hardware and software itself.

Management need to focus more on leadership skills, e.

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