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[PDF] New Challenges 3 Students Book (Paperback). New Challenges 3 Students Book (Paperback). Book Review. This publication may be really worth a go. New Challenges 3 Students' Book by David Mower, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. New Challenges is perfect if you like to challenge your students. Build your students' confidence with New Challenges Student's Book 3. • Students' Book with.

WhyIWhy not? He was only nine when he gave his first public show. He could open locks and handcuffs without a key. I was walk. They couldn't do his tricks. I download all my equipment because magicians only use their own things. Past Simple and Past Continuous 7 4 1-b Name the tenses underlined in the sentences 1 David Blaine 1 was walkinq ' walk to his car when a poor man 2. Read your sentences to your partner. Guess which sentence is false.

The audIence 12 watch them. I was watchin! J a match on television when the TV set exploded 12 Work in pairs. He didn 't have to work.. On stage. I do any tricks after I broke my finger. I had two assistants so I do everything myself. Who had to help most at home? Who could do more fun things? He could swim well. Exercise 4. I give a lot of shows to earn enough money..

Blaine 4 take a one-dollar note from the man. Use the Past Continuous and the Past Simple.. At school. The Bronte sisters wrote about their own lives. Rosalind Franklin didn 't enjoy science lessons. At that time. At the beginning of the s. Hidden Talent. Complete the Word Builder with the correct prepositions.

The sisters' poems made them famous. She wanted to study science so she went to Cambridge University where she got a degree in chemistry. Rosalind Franklin wasn't famous in her lifetime. James Watson and Francis Crick. When they realised that her photographs were sc ientific proof of the structure of the DNA molecule.

The sisters had three brothers. Two men. When she returned to the UK. When she died of cancer at the age of thirty-eight. Lady Mary took her children to Turkey. British doctors didn 't listen to her because she was a woman and the idea was foreign. Rosalind Franklin was friends with Watson and Crick. Their discovery of the structure of DNA was one of the greatest scientific discoveries of the twentieth century.

Mayco Polo. In the eighteenth century. Rosalind Franklin became interested in science when she was at school. Whi le Lady Mary was living in 'Turkey. Sma llpox was a terrible illness: Lady Mary's brother died of It and her face had smallpox scars. Write the names of three famous scientists. Warm-up 1 Work in pairs.

Reading 3 Quickly read the texts about the lives of some famous women. For examp le. Everyone though t the w ri ters were men but they were three sisters: Charl otte. Which of these reasons do you think are most important? Rosalind Franklin the structure of DNA. When the sisters publi shed their first book of poems. The Bronte sisters the north of England with their father and brother. Which of the underlined words mean: Sentence Builder When the sisters published their first book of poems.

She didn 't old age. Crick and Wa tson were doing similar work. Elli s and Acton Bell.

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The sisters their experi ences in th eir novels. WhenlWhile Lady Mary was living in Turkey. The young women used thei r experi ences in their books. In which of them can you only use when? Emily and Anne Bronte. What women do you know about from your country's history? What famous contemporary women do you most admire? Answer on page They used men's names because it was difficult for women to publish books at that time. People thought the books were shocking and nobody believed that women w rote them.

Th e king inoculation f rom Lady Mary. Charl otte wrote about her terrible experi ences at boarding school. Exercise 5. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu tmvellei to Turkey with her husband. Fi nall y. Sam I didn't think it was very easy. How well do you think they played? Give them a score out of five. Reading and Listening 3 1 2 3 4 5. Sam and Gwen's auditions for a concert. I think. By the way. Sam So. Matt It was a disaster! Auditions are horrible. Our room's quite nice. Auditions The group goes to a bowling alley in Norwich after school.

Read and listen to the dialogue. I don't! Matt Yes. But honestly. Matt I don't think so. Sam That's true. It's too small and you snore! Sam No. I need earplugs! Warm-up ffi 1 2 Listen to jasmin. Gwen Neither did I.

Give your opinions and agree and disagree about the celebrities in Exercise 6. Are you superstitious. So 6 I but I prefer thei r newer songs.

They're not hard and I can use both of them. Engli sh. And I've got a lucky bracelet.

Which of the things below can the girl do? I don 't believe in all that stuff. Gwen So do I. Neither do I. I didn't think it was very easy. Gwen What? Matt My lucky ring. Listen again and complete the form. I really enjoyed them. A B A B B l ' the concert was great! Leona Lewis was brilliant! That's 3. I knew before I started because I didn't have my lucky ring. S a nd 6 Work experience: At weekends. But Take That were better. Use these adjectives.

Key Expressions: Opinions Opinion Agreeing Our room's quite nice. But I left it in my room. It's unlucky for me. Jasmin Well. Orchard Rise. So do I. I sometimes wear it for luck.

Exercise 6. Norwich 96 3 Education: Matt No. I think they sang too many old songs. I can read and write and understand everyth ing when they don'ltalk too fast. Gwen Matt's 'lucky ring'.. Matt Well. Gwen Mm. A strike! Sam I don 't believe it! I think superstitions are silly. And I think they've got great voices. Listen to the interview for a holiday job. I4 think so. I never wear yellow on stage. Add four more. Sometimes I work in my aunt's clothes shop at the weekends.

I wasn 't. That's true. Write your ema il. Wh ere are you? What are you doing? What is the place like? Why are you writing? Who are you writing to? What is that person interested in? What did you do yesterday! Did you enjoy it? What was it like? Mrs Tyler-Smith. Writing Help: Getting ideas for emails. She's a fantastic dancer. Which words: I stayed with my Uncle Ted in London for four days.

Imagine you are studying at a language school in the UK. Here I am in the UK! I got here last Sunday I played my guitar in the first music cla ss yesterday -I was reall y bad! And we have to record a song next week! My drama teacher is a weird guy called Bywater. Your Challenge Writing: An email 1 Read Matt's email. United States or Australia. Write about: What is he worried about?

What doesn 't he like about Petergate? Which students does he think are talented? Read each other's emails. Gwen's from Wales and Jasmin's from Manchester.

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There are also a couple of girls. Write an email to an Englishspeaking friend. Then I got a train up here to Norwich on Friday. He's a good singer and plays the piano well. Also the director.. The flight was really long and boring. I Saw the sights and went to a concert as well.

Which trip sounds the most interesting? I'm going to bed now. Work in groups.. See ya! Matt Text Builder 2 Match the topics a--d with the paragraphs I'm feelin g reall y tired tonight.

Norwich Hi Finn. He says he waS in TV years ago.

Chelsea won't win. Can't he? It was fantastic. Practice 5 4! J 1 Read and listen to the dialogue.. He's scored more goals this season. Understanding Grammar: I spent my holidays in Greece.

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That wasn't very good. But Messi can't run as fast as Ronaldo. I think he's brilliant! Do you? I prefer Ronaldo. AYe you? My siiter plays for the school team. Work in pairs. I'm interested in magic. I did. Barcelona will win the Champion's League. Pele played in the World Cup when he was seventeen.

Beckham isn't in the England team. Football is my favourite sport. Spurs have won two matches this yea r. Show interest. But Messi is the best player in the world at the moment. They are practising. The goalkeeper played well. Make questions.

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Ronaldo can run faster. Student A. Does the speaker: All the newspapers say that. Footballers earn a lot of money. Messi can't run as fast as Ronaldo. You can do some card tricks. My mum has just learnt to sWim. Your parents will come to our matches. Iker Casillas is a very good goalkeeper. Torres didn't play.

Respond to each sentence. I don't like hot climates. Did you watch the match a Zara doesn't know the answer. My dad can't ski.. You can usually guess the meaning. Numbers 1. Barcelona played well. Kaka was lucky with his goal. I 29 think so. He made some Neither 30 terrible decisions. So 26 I. We learnt the history of theatre in our drama class. Similar words Many words in English are similar to words in other languages. Your parents were living in Germany when you were born. I hate making things with my hands.

William probobly 21 Cleo". He refired fo Sfrafford in! Williamfrobabl y wen! I thought Kaka was the best player. Grammar Numbers Unit 6. And he scored two goals.. Sfroiford fo 8" fo London in He can't play the piano.. I thought Ramos was better. Key Words Numbers Unit You're good at chess. We didn't do very well in the exam. Study Corner 2 Language Check 4 1 Make adjectives from the words in brackets.

Games like that are brilliant! That's I always forget my words! A B Did you see the game? I thought it was great. How healthy is your lifestyle? Health acupuncture an allergy antibiotics a cold flu a headache a herbal remedy insomnia being overweight a painkiller a sports injury stress tiredness a vaccination Listen to three people. Z Zara or D Dan next to the descriptions Which are a common health problems.

Read about disease and home remedies. Get Ready 1 Work in pairs. Write a short report. Module Talk about health. Write B Brian. Do the questionnaire with your partner. Vaccines were first used in the eighteenth centu ry. Disease Warm-up 1 look at the Key Words. F Find the sentences in the text and complete them with the correct verb forms.

How can we avoid them? Make two lists. Past Simple passive Sick people 2 from healthy on es. In th e ninetee nth century. Ignaz Semmelweiss observed that infection was spread by do ctors' dirty hands and recommended washing hands before tou ching patients.

Which of these diseases are common in your country? Which are dangerous? D iseases AIDS chicken pox cholera malaria measles mumps th e plague polio rab ies smallpox t ubercu losis TB whooping cough Reading tfij 2 look at the pictures and read the text and the factfile. When was penicill in discovered? Vaccines weren't known until the fifteenth century.

Eight million people died on the island of Hispaniola. AIDS isn't spread by cough ing or kissing. Complete the rule. During the plague in Milan. Another early way of avoiding disease was quarantine.

Present Simple passive Nowadays. Most infections are spread in the same way: To form th e passive. The passive 4 or thousands of years. People began to understand this as early as th e Choose the best title. Child ren were in the greatest danger: In When traders and armies travelled from city to city. When Europeans arrived in America in Between and The natives of the Americas wer e not immune to these diseases. The first antibiotic. Infections caused by bacteria and viruses are treated treat differently.

Before we travel to give foreign countries. Make questions in the passive. During the Second World War. Infections caused by viruses 6. Exercise 7.

The clothes of plague victims were burned. We can avoid some viral ruseases. People with bacterial infections. The patient 7 tell to drink a lot.

It's good to add some garlic to the soup because it has antiviral and antibacterial ingredients. The soft part of the banana skin contains an antiviral ingredient and this kills the verruca virus.

Do you 'skim' texts when you read in your own language? Use the words you know to identify the topic. Read and check your answers from Exercise 4.

Verrucas are an uncomfortable foot virus that you can catch anywhere that you walk barefoot. Bananas are great energy food.

You can also put vinegar on wasp stings and warts. And don't forget. It has an ingredient which stops bacteria growing in an injury. It is a disinfectant and it has an ingredient that reduces bleeding. Many people believe chicken soup helps to cure a cold. Honey is delicious on toast but years ago the Romans used it as an antiseptic on their soldiers' wounds. This means that an infection is unlikely to spread. Vinegar is a traditional treatment for a cut.

It's important to keep a first aid box in your home but a kitchen cupboard also contains lots of simple and inexpensive treatments. Honey also helps sore throats and skin problems like eczema and sunburn. The chicken meat contains an amino acid. The bacteria can't survive in honey so the wound heals.

If you're unlucky and you get Problems 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 a cold a cut a sore throat a verruca a wart eczema sunburn Treatments a b c d a banana chicken soup honey vinegar surfaces. In addition. A doctor in the United States experimented with his grandmother's chicken soup and discovered that it really is medicine.

Word Builder 8 9 Then check your answers in the Word Bank. Write your own health advice sensible or silly! Take turns to read out your advice. Use im-. That cut looks painful. I'm not going to download these shoes. Opposite bacterial viral look at the Sentence Builder.

Chewing gum takes seven weeks to pass through the human digestive system. Use the ideas below. Is it sensible or silly? Find the opposites in red in the text. A fish and honey sandwich! That sounds It's unhealthy to have a b'J meal beforeyou: It's good to add some garlic to the soup.

Which ingredient helps to stop bleeding? Why does honey help to cure a cut? What cold symptom can honey help? Where do you catch verrucas? Which part of a banana skin do you put on a verruca?

Find two more examples of the structure in the text. Put some antibacterial crea m on it. Are they true T or false F? Check your answers on page Or Not at all.. Or So. You 've got a bad cold. Under the Weather Warm-up 1 tftj look at the Key Words.

You've got to take two tablets three times a day. Here's a prescription for some cough mixture and tablets. Health Symptoms: Jasmin You weren't that bad. What treatment do you recommend for each symptom?

Use the Key Words or your own ideas. And I've got a sore throat and a terrible headache. How do you think Matt feels? Choose symptoms from the Key Words. You shouldn 't go out for a day or two. I'll take your temperature.

I've got a bit of a cough. Matt Matt goes to the doctor's that evening. Jasmin Hey. I'm Matt a bit under the weath er. Jasmin What's the matter. Matt look at the photos. Or Okay. Matt Okay. What treatment does the doctor recommend? Matt and jasmin are working out in the gym.

Cheer up! There 's a trip to the coast this weekend! Matt Big deal. I'm too busy to go. I'm allergic to cats! But seriously.

You look a bit down.

Matt I'm fed up. Jasmin Don 't be silly. I'm not good enough to be in the dance class. Doug can easily arrange it. And you sho uld drink plenty of water and fruit juice.

You shouldn't worry so much. I'll ask him. Choose the correct answer. I'm allergic to cats. Speaker 1 1 What is the man's problem? You weren't that bad.

Challenges 3. Student's book

You should take these tablets twice a day. I have. Who says them. The main stresses are underlined.

Ask what the problem is. Give more information. You've got flU. Ask another question. What's the matter? I'm fed up. I've got a sore throat. Have you got a headache? Patient Describe how you feel. Take turns to be a doctor and a patient. What can I do for you? Sentence Builder Work in pa i rs. You 've got a cold. You shou ld drink plenty of water. Use the cues. I've got a terrible headache. Speaking Help: Don't write a complete dialogue!

At the Doctor's What can I do for you? D I've got a bit of a cough. Use the Speaking Help to prepare for the roleplay. Now make similar sentences. You shouldn't go out for a day or two. You 've got to take two tablets three times a day.

Use the Key Expressions from Exercise 6. And you've got to drink lots of water.. Thank you very much. We're 5 Say hello. Put them in order of what you should eat most of 1 to what you should eat least of 5. All the food we eat can be divided into. This is causing health problems like obesity. These contain a fat omega 3 which is very good for our hearts. In some countries. Cabbage has got more vitamins than other vegetables. Look at the picture and check your ideas.

I can't siam! One North American scientist said. Food beans beef chicken lamb lemon on ion sa lmon trout tuna 2 garlic peach grapefruit peas What food do you love?

What food do you hate? I love fiZUl. Another important part of a Japanese diet is soy beans. A typical Japanese meal has a lot of fish and fresh vegetables but they don't eat much meat.

We must learn about healthy eating from other countries: The Japanese live longer than other nationalities. Lots of people in Japan are overweight. A typica l Mediterranean dinner often has fish in it.

These contain a lot of protein and they help to prevent some cancers. Like most people in Asia. Reindeer is healthy meat. Fish like salmon.

Then add more words to the list. Put them into the categories below. Warm-up 1 Look at the Key Words. Seventy-five per cent of people in the developed world have an unhealthy diet. Japanese people don't eat a lot of meat.

Word Builder 8 c vitarnins 2 Which food has got the least cholesterol in it? Do the health quiz together. Not a lot of red meat or dairy products like butte r and eggs are eaten. Write examples of food cooked in each of the ways in the Word Builder.

Nutrit ion calo ries carbohydrates vita mins 2 3 4 5 Write three questions. In northe rn Eu ropean coun t ries like Finla nd and Sweden. For exa mpl e. The fis h and vegeta bles are often barbecued or grilled.

What doJOU eat for snacks? How much fresh fruit and vejetables doJOU eat? How often doJOU eat sweets? Scientific ". Speaking " Mediterranean diet has a lot of fresh fi sh. Use them to complete the sentences below. Complete it with words from the text. Reindeer move about freely outside so their meat is low in fat and high in protei n. What are green vegetables high a carbohydrates b calories a an egg b cheese c butter 3 Which isn't a good source of calcium?

Olive oil is used for fri ed food. A lot of boiled or steamed ca bbage is eaten. Do any results surprise you? How well do the students eat? It i neludes roasted or stewed rei ndee r meat. Doctor You've got a cold. He doesn 't sleep well. Grammar Write importanl words and expressions in an example sentence. They 18 discover to be good for pain by the Greek doctor Hippocrates in about BC.

The drug 17 find in the leaves of the willow tree. The pill. The idea for contact lenses 23 think of by Leonardo da Vinci in My mum has just learnt to swim. Iker Casillas is a very good goalkeeper,? Footballers earn a lot of money,? Your parents will come to our matches,? Spurs have won two matches this year,? Student A, page 89 Student B, page 90 8 Complete the sentences with question tags. Respond to each sentence. Show interest.

William Shakespeare was born in in Stratfordupon-Avon. When William was born, his father 17 do very well in business but a few years later things 18 go wrong. William probably went to Stratford Grammar School and he 19 can read and write Latin. When he was eighteen, he 20 marry Anne Hathaway. William probably 21 leave Stratford to go to London in Maybe he 22 have to leave because of money problems.

Anyway, we know that in he 23 work for the most successful theatre company in London. He 24 write thirty-seven plays and poems. He retired to Stratford in and 25 live there until he died at the age of fifty-two.

I hate making things with my hands.Maria Sharapova: There's something swimming in my soup! So 26 I. Student A, page 89 Student B, page 90 8? The sisters their experi ences in th eir novels.

Elicit six or seven verbs and write them on the board for students to use in affirmative and negative imperatives, e.

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