adminComment(0) - download DELF B2 Book with CD - Didier Reussir book online at best prices in India on Read DELF B2 Book with CD - Didier Reussir book . - download DELF B2 Book with CD - Hachette book online at best prices in India on Read DELF B2 Book with CD - Hachette book reviews. Production orale DELF B2 (French Edition) by Stéphane Wattier Paperback . As described, great prep book for the DELF B2Delf B2 Livre de L'Eleve + CD.

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Uploaded by: BRIAN Delf B2. Activities. Textbook + Key (French Edition) ( ): Normand: Books. Books shelved as delf-b2: Compréhension orale, Niveau 4 by Michèle Barféty, Compréhension orale, Niveau 3 by Michèle Barféty, Réussir le Delf: Niveau B2. DELF B2 Exam Free preparation resources. Including free preparation guides for DELF B2Comprehension Orale, Comprehension Ecrite, Production Orale.

You can listen twice. The listening section lasts around 40 minutes. It lasts 50 minutes. The writing section is divided into two parts. You have 2. You get 60 minutes beforehand to read 2 — 3 documents about a topic and prepare your speech. In both speaking and writing sections, you can choose between two fields: humanities and social studies or science. Do lots of exam practice The most effective way to practice for an exam is… you guessed it, by doing exam practice!

However, not all practice is equal. Perfect practice makes perfect.

This means not simply doing exam questions over and over, but taking time between each try to analyze what went wrong and think about how you can apply those lessons to your next attempt. It also means learning how to do the exam, by developing skills that will help you answer the questions better. The following tips will give you some suggestions on how to do this.

Train your ear to listen for details Does this ever happen to you? When you listen to fast speech in a foreign language it sounds like gobbledygook, but when you see things written down you can understand them quite easily?

This is because in fast speech, strange things happen: sounds and sometimes whole words can be cut and others sound different to how you expect. As a bonus, writing down the words helps me practice spelling, which is one of my weaknesses in French.

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Listen to newsreaders on speed Another way to get used to listening to fast speech is to speed it up even more. On YouTube, you can make the videos faster by knocking the speed up to 1. Once you get used to the very fast speech, normal paced speech will feel a lot easier! Listen everywhere Download some podcasts and listen to them wherever you go: on the way to work, whilst doing the dishes or cleaning the shower.

Improve your pronunciation Pronunciation is important because it helps the examiners understand you more easily, which can positively influence their judgements on your speaking ability. Check and practice the pronunciation of tricky words by looking them up in an online dictionary with audio files like wordreference. Listen to the sound file and practice saying the word aloud several times until your pronunciation sounds similar to the example.

It helps to keep a list of the French words you struggle to pronounce so you can come back to them and practice them regularly.

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Another way is by writing example sentences. If I can make the topics similar to the ones in the exam, so much the better. If you can organize yourself, the guide is more than enough to prepare for delf b2 well.

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Or, put it otherwise, production of the cohesive and coherent discourse complying with the French understanding of what is polite. And here you hit the wall of French pragmatics because what you expect to be appropriate in formal English is not so appropriate in formal French. The DELF B2 guide gives a boatload of expressions for the writing part of the exam where you have to compose a letter.

I wrote down all these expressionsand simply memorized them as chunks.

DELF B2 Exam Preparation Books

This strategy saved me tons of time on the actual test. I wrote by heart the good half of the letter.

All I had to do afterwards is to compose the body of the letter according to the instructions. Know your connectors Politeness formulas will help you to prepare for the delf b2 writing part.

But what about speaking? The bad news is that examiners will expect you to be at least somewhat coherent and logical. Connectors and retractors.

In their French variant, of course. As for retractors, these are the things you say when you see a question in the eyes of your examiner. Knowing how to navigate the examiners through your ideas will download you half of the score.

DELF B2 Mock Exam Resources

I mean find all sample papers available online and in print and deliberately go through each one until there are none. You will have no problem preparing for listening and reading parts on your own as long as you have test samples and answer keys.

The problems start with the production part if you have no one to provide you feedback. There are infinite ways to write a letter or construct your discourse for an interview. But the sample answer at the end of the textbook if there is an answer will give you just one. What do you do in this case?

What I did was comparing my own writing with the provided answer sample. I looked mainly for formulas, connector elements, and the construction of arguments because these are the only parts you actually have control of.

As long as my own writing resembled the example, I considered it correct. Just another important point.

Make sure that you actually write your answers by hand. First of all, it improves your chances to recall what you practiced before on the day of the test. Second, it trains your hand for the exam and minimizes the impact of slow handwriting on your test performance.

The lack of vocabulary is something that can let you down on every single part of the test. There will be complex words right in the middle of a dialog in the listening part — and you will have to spell it out.I had to work with a tech support guy to figure out which part of my computer wasn't working and check each input, and explain what I was seeing over the phone.

Visit our website for more details or contact Private Course Coordinator at privatetuition afmelbourne. Once you get used to the very fast speech, normal paced speech will feel a lot easier! I wrote by heart the good half of the letter. C2 mastery is the next level up and the highest level French exam there is. There will be complex words right in the middle of a dialog in the listening part — and you will have to spell it out.

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