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Edge of the Empire / Age of Rebellion / Force and Destiny Armor List · Species List. Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook, Force and Destiny Core Rulebook. to the design of the Force and destiny Core Rulebook. The most recent update to and destiny is one of three fully compatible Star Wars Roleplaying games. Experience the power of the Force in the Star Wars®: Force and Destiny™ roleplaying game! As a Force-sensitive outcast struggling to survive under Imperial.

Plus, they have the "greatest" ability ever: they can stand up as a incidental action. Gadgeteer - Be like Boba Fett and get custom armour and gear.

The real cheese comes in when using the "Jury Rig" ability to reduce the advantage cost for weapons with autofire, effectively doubling their damage output for not a lot of investment.

Survivalist - Tracking, sneaking and good at covering terrain, everything a good bounty hunter needs. Operator No Disintegrations - Piloting spec focused on pursuing and taking out enemy ships and vehicles.

It makes crits a lot easier to trigger and adds a skill that allows you to use parry while unarmed. Skip Tracer NoDi - The underworld detective. Taking some of the Investigator's sleuthing skills mixed some social ones for negotiating. Colonist Doctor: Pretty good as both a medic and a purveyor of "feel good juice" for buffs. Also make pretty damn good martial artists if they start taking the right skills in the tree, particularly for races that get automatic buffs to their unarmed damage like trandoshans and wookiees.

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Politico - The "Face" and buffer of the group, gets a hilarious ability to hurl scathing abuse at an opponent, causing strain, which has the potential to knock them unconscious. Can also do the inverse and restore strain on allies.

Scholar - all the lore at your fingertips, basically about researching things you didn't know, but as a student of the mind you get have surprising mental discipline, you can reduce strain damage and can get some non-career skills of your choice.

You can also become wealthy enough that you can throw money at your obligation and make it go away temporarily. Marshall FaHo - The frontier Lawman, or police officer. Performer FaHo - the actual Bardic music class, this is ALL about the active abilities and gets practically no passive bonuses at all.

Your performances can net you your "Biggest Fan", so pretty much like magical domination. Note that you can't just turn the BBEG like this. Explorer Fringer - Gets a few of astrogation bonuses that are unlikely to come into play, but makes for an acceptable group pilot if no-one else can do the job.

They also get a a whole bunch of defensive bonuses that are generally handy no matter what other specializations they take.

Scout - The stealth dude the team puts on point since he'll see everything and not be seen in turn, and gets to backstab in a similar way to Rogues. Also gets the utility belt ability, where he can pull a common rarity item out of his ass for free by spending destiny points.

Hired Gun Bodyguard - Supposedly the "protector" archetype but I can't remember the last time I saw the secret service use rifles, bazookas and gun-turrets, but okay. So it works. Marauder - Barbarian hit things, Barbarian do much damage With flat damage bonuses from Feral Strength, and attack upgrades from Frenzied Attack.

As well as a number of HP and Soak bonuses that'll let you shrug off more damage. Mercenary Soldier - The professional, and does it pretty well. Boost team members due to leadership skill, and gets half-decent fighting bonuses, making this a good option. Enforcer Dangerous Covenants - Get your Thug on and hit things with baseball bats. Good for intimidation value and getting around in the underworld. All about blast weapons, making blasts better and how they are shaped so you can exclude friendly targets , you can also rig mundane stuff to explode once per session.

Heavy DaCo - Make big guns seem like kiddie toys and start hip-shooting normally mounted weaponry and doing massive damage while you spray lasers all over the place. It's awesome in concept, but for serious damage dealers this only helps you wield big weapons, it doesn't actually help you hit with them.

Smuggler Pilot - Learn to fly a spacecraft, while many classes get the pilot skill, a specialized pilot gets talents and bonuses that make him generally better at it than anyone else. Thief - "Yoink" I've picked your lock, pinched your stuff, now I'm stealthing off into the night then blending into a crowd. Like playing the Thief video game , but in science fiction! Charmer Fly Casual - A huge amount of active talents that help with interaction checks, but this specialization also allows normally "Face" style characters to do stuff in combat with "Don't Shoot" and "Disarming Smile".

Gambler FlyCa - Yes, they've got a few actual "Gambling" boosts, but this class is excellent no matter what you are doing or what career you started from. You can get access to re-rolls, can suffer strain to get a Destiny point back in your pool and the Double or Nothing talent can be Awesome if you use it on skills you know you can pass.

Gunslinger FlyCa - Gives the Smuggler career some needed firepower, though exclusively based around pistols "Ranged: Light" weapons and initiative-order trickery. Fantastic on the quick draw, they get bonuses to Critical Hits and if they get in first they can reduce the crit rating of their weapon for that strike, as well as gaining additional first strike bonuses.

Do remember, grenades are "Ranged: Light" too Technician Mechanic - Fixes stuff, so is good with vehicular focused parties. Can also cause machinery to spontaneously combust due to "Bad Motivator", which is hilarious. Can also make items out of sticky tape, PVA glue and coloured paper which can solve immediate problems.

Outlaw Tech - Remember how the scout could pull items out of his ass? Plus he can modify, scavenge, improve and repair things. Making him a desirable party member when people want to upgrade their gear. Anyone who cross-classes Gadgeteer with Outlaw Tech is a filthy munchkin and can't really deny it. Slicer - There is something called " Defensive Slicing ", just in case your DM wants to hack your computers with a skill check rather than telling you he's hacked your system, the only situation this routinely comes up is in space combat, but is far more likely to be the slicer hacking enemy ships.

But this class is not just about tackling computers and is also handy with lock-picks.

Not really a specialization to completely max out unless I'm missing something. Cyber Tech Special Modifications - Become better at cybernetics by increasing the number you can have and getting more out of them. You also get to be a better healer, heal yourself with droid items, and use some of your cybernetics to reload or power up depowered devices. This tree includes Eye For Detail, which lets you change your spare Successes for more Advantage when taking Mechanics or Computer checks; very useful when crafting items.

With "Machine Mender" and "Deft Maker" you're good at making them, modifying them and repairing them. Plus with lots of "Speak Binary" you're good at talking to them and getting them to boost their dice use. You also get "Eye for Detail" twice, and the ability to salvage parts from one item to repair another, without destroying the first item.

Kind of like a catch-all Gadgeteer crossed with Rigger. It gives you enough Tinkerer ranks to upgrade your and your friends' gear, as well as getting some sweet vehicular abilities on the other side of the tree with Signature Vehicle. While it's not a big problem, you're clearly not as focused as either the Rigger or the Gadgeteer.

But otherwise still great for characters who just want to dip their toes into item modding without pigeon-holing themselves into a total technician role. Age of Rebellion[ edit ] Ace Driver - Identical to the Explorer specialisation, even if your focus is not atmospheric, can be worth taking for the stacking passive bonuses it grants. Gunner - Good even if you can't pilot for shit, since larger vessels have turret mounts that few people get any bonuses using, different from the Heavy since it's less about mobility and more about aiming bonuses.

But the talents also work broadly too, turning you into a Tank. If you are also a decent pilot Then well Pilot - Exactly the same specialisation the Smuggler gets, but a better fit for a character who wants to be a dedicated pilot, since the in-career specialisations combo extremely well together.

Your mileage may vary since mounted characters might be rare in your campaign. Rigger StTa - Holy Shit! Like the Gadgeteer, except for a vehicle, if your group has a shared starship and the setting involves a lot of space combat, someone should be MADE to play this class. Hotshot StTa - Like the Pilot, except more about crazy active abilities like maneuvering enemies into each other or pulling the switcharoo during dogfights. Commander Commodore - Combo Mechanic and Fringer with command and defence abilities thrown in.

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Literally there are four straight-line paths to the bottom which means you aren't forced to mix up your abilities. It's generally straightforward if your character wants a two or more of those paths and couldn't get them without multi-classing more than once.

Squadron Leader - A defensive pilot. If he was on his own he'd be fairly inoffensive though he does get the Quick Strike ability for getting first hits in.

His group skills mostly work on the ground as well as in vehicles, so he's not entirely useless. But this should be chosen as a later specialisation, rather than starting the game as a squad leader. Tactician - Sort of a combination of Bodyguard and Mercenary Soldier, without the fighting talents of either but gets improved mobility skills so would have made a better "Bodyguard" than the Bodyguard specialisation.

Good if the party includes several fighting characters and could use someone to buff them up. Figurehead Lead by Example - This career is a generic commander, unlike the three core specializations, so they are good for all situations rather than just one.

They keep their nerve and can buff their allies, as well as bringing passive Duty bonuses.

Hm... Are You a Human?

Like a Boss. Instructor LbE - A combat support class, allowing their allies to gain free maneuvers or actions, or to gain bonuses on repeat actions. The career is also useful as a medic and bodyguard for keeping their allies alive.

Not much in the way of personal combat ability other than extreme PT exercises, but combat utility should be granted from multi-classing. Strategist LbE - Most of your abilities pertain to Massed Combat, which might find little use in a typical RPG session, but they can heavily modify those combat checks when they happen.

The second half of the class is all about gathering and applying lore, turning this class into Sun Tzu in space. Can hand out boost die much like the Analyst. Diplomat Ambassador - they took the chatty part of the Politico specialisation and removed all of the foul language and gave them actual defences instead. They still can't stand up in a fight but they've got strain for days and are resistant to fear.

Agitator - The angry portion of the Politico, made more focused. They're much more thuggish like the Enforcer but unfortunately unless they cross-career into something tough, its all bark rather than bite.

That said, the ultimate ability causes a literal riot. Seriously they can learn an ability that gets them free money every session. Mucks up the economy just like the Trader specialisation, but with less access to black market stuff, instead they learn how to use bribes as a game mechanic.

Advocate Desperate Allies - Not quite a "Face" like the ambassador, but certainly a tricky social beast, using strain as a resource for useful interactions both in and out of combat. You can interject to interrupt another person's including PCs social action and add bonuses or penalties your choice , you can retort against your opponent and inflict strain on their own check and you can even compel an incapacitated opponent to perform a single task of your choice. Though this one chooses particular areas of expertise which they can absolutely dominate in.

They can also generate floating boost D6s for an encounter, based on them applying knowledge to their situation. Propagandist DesAll - Want to debuff an entire organisation before you even roll for initiative?

Then this is the class for you. They are also really good to have because they passively increase Duty gains made by the party, bringing rewards earlier. Engineer Mechanic - Same as in the Technician Career, you fix stuff. Saboteur - Its about the bombs, though the first half of the progression is actually more about defensive abilities and you don't get the blast bonuses until later.

Scientist - Like the Scholar, but less about being well rounded and more about application. You get the same knowledge and academic respect talents, but instead of all the mental fortitude since that went to the Ambassador you get to play with your gear making it better like an Outlaw Tech, plus utility belt for lulz.

Droid Specialist Fully Operational - Much more combat focused than the technician's droid tech, with talents that focus on getting as much as you can out of droids, and fighting enemy droids better. Sapper FO - Essentially a Techmarine , you are the combat mechanic who can fortify your location , or bring it down with siege tactics.

Gets bonuses like removed setback on fortification building, "Known Schematic" to give them knowledge of buildings, and "Contraption" to macgyver a solution to whatever problem they have.

Both of those talents are available very early on so you can put that big brain of yours to use right away. Sappers get a few demolition and explosives focused skills a bit like the Saboteur though nowhere near as specialized.

Shipwright FO - The ultimate crafting expert with eye for detail and a new talent that can let you make some more quirky designs too.

Also still good at fixing ships, but not as well at the Mechanic. Shipwrights can repair ships faster and at a reduced cost.

The addition of Gunnery as a career skill and a few piloting oriented talents exhaust port, and debilitating shot means that you could be made to serve as a pilot for these ships in a pinch. They can also give vehicles temporary buffs like increased handling and speed. Soldier Commando- Combat Pro, though unlike the Merc Soldier is less about team command and more about being good in a fight.

There is armour, resilience, melee and ranged buffs going for them. If you want to go deep on a punchy build there is a branch of the tree that rewards this. Medic - Do you need healing NOW? The military medic is based around patching people up immediately using consumable stim-packs that become less effective with repeated applications. Also comes with an ability that says "fuck do no harm" as you use your intellect to make your shots do more damage.

Sharpshooter - Like the Assassin, but with less stealth and MORE killing, when this guy is maxed out and armed with a sniper rifle, very few careers can do it better.

In fact, it's the exact same tree as Heavy for Hired Gun, so you could conceivably cross-class from Heavy into Heavy and carry some really, REALLY big guns, while ignoring the non-ranked talents the 2nd download-through though actually you can't because they are considered the same specialization. Trailblazer FiB - Move through the wild, setting up traps and ambushes Viet Cong style, With passive bonuses while in cover and bonus damage against disoriented enemies.

Nice spec if your looking for a good mix of survival and combat skills. Vanguard FiB - Another career that is a better bodyguard than the "Bodyguard". You get a lot of talents that allow you to protect your allies and take hits for them, while making you more resilient and difficult to strike against.

You also gain abilities aimed at jumping up the initiative order, so you can behave like a real guardian of bodies. One other cool talent set allows you to turn failed attacks into "Suppressing Fire" and cause strain on your opponent instead of wounds.

All in all a good class for those who want to tank for the group but aren't Soresu Defenders. Spy Infiltrator - In a word: Ninja. Strangely less about actual "infiltration" though does get stealth bonuses later on and more about dodging, flipping and overwhelming opponent's in melee Scout - just like the Explorer, works well here for stealth reasons and being able to go solo.

Comes with a bunch of parkour-like talents one is actually called Freerunning for navigating your way through short distances or up walls. You can make life more difficult for pursuers by imposing setback dice on their checks through stealth, or even run through a marketplace and create difficult terrain behind you in the classic chase scene trope. Thanks to a certain "Improved" talent, you can also embrace your inner drug-mule by hiding items within your "modified body.

So get good ranged defenses and don't get caught. Has probably the best talent in the book 'Made You Talk' which provides different bonuses depending on the opponent's threat level, with Nemesis giving each player character their own Destiny Point to spend during the next session which is then discarded, not flipped. Rank up Brawl and Medicine skills to crush all resistance to your will with the other 5th tier talents. Also is the only specialization that gets a combat talent anywhere near the beginning with "Creative Killer" letting you "Colonel Mustard in the Library with the Candlestick" someone.

Another talent lets you raise your Cunning attribute until the end of an encounter, which can be a potent boost in certain builds. So does not tie itself into force usage. You also get "Healing Trance" where you can heal yourself over encounters naturally by committing force dice, rather than actually attempting to roll for it. Niman Disciple - A good generic lightsaber style based on Willpower instead of Brawn, comes with some flat defensive bonuses which are always good to have and allows you to increase the crit ratings of hits that strike you so you are less likely to be hurt badly.

Finally, it's the only Saber style that grants an increase in Force Rating, making it a great general option for any Jedi character. Sage - They start out as Force-wielding scholars where they get a bunch of bonuses to interaction and knowledge checks.

Fantasy Flight Games

Josh Markus : Urn I have my lightsaber? Diana Kasuni : Put the glowstick away, Josh. Kasuni rummages through her pack and pulls out a glow rod. Phil Dal Kir : Nice! Im glad someone in our party believes in being prepared. Monica Zora : Whoops! I hate heights. Ryan CM : and the worse news is that below you, maybe ten meters, is a much larger ledge.

On it are two squads of stormtroopers, an airspeeder, and your old friend Sor Venge. Josh Markus : Well, I dont think we want to start a fight with him. Has he seen us? Ryan CM : Let me see Venge ends up with three Failures T T Y. Hes so busy yelling at his soldiers, he doesnt notice you.

Josh Markus : Perfect. Im going to climb up and rig a rope to the top of the cliff. Then we can climb up and leave before he sees us. Ryan GM : Discretion is the better part of valor. Ryan CM : The light illuminates the rock pas sageway. The passage goes on in front and be hind you, well beyond the range of your lights.

Josh Markus : Oh, great. No pressure. Josh as Monica Zora : Hm, we need to figure out which way gets us out of here. Zora is going to glare at Kasuni and Markus.

Now that you two got us into this mess, can you get us ou t? Ryan CM : All right. You make it to the top of the cliff with the rope, Markus, secure it, and throw it down to your friends.

Diana Kasuni : Hey, Ryan. Can I use my Percep tion skill to figure out which direction to go? Ryan CM : Absolutely. Normally, Id add two Setbacks because of the darkness, but since you have a glow rod, Ill drop that to one Setback Q Diana Kasuni : And my one rank of the Keen Eyed talent removes that Setback from the pool.

Diana builds a dice pool based on her skill and other factors and rolls. Lets see One Despair Monica Zora : Well, so much for sneaking. I draw my lightsaber. Ryan GM : Venge hops on the airspeeder with one of the stormtrooper squads and flies up to your level, staying a good distance from the ledge. You see a smug smile on his face as he shouts, Surrender, or Ill blast you off the ledge!

Monica Zora : Im tired of running from this guy, but I dont think hes going to come within reach of my lightsaber if I ask nicely.

Ryan CM : Nice roll. So, you close your eyes and focus. After a long minute, you feel a slight breeze from the tunnel behind you. Phil Dal Kir : Maybe you just need to take the lightsaber to him. The only book not entered into the index is Savage Spirits, which of course is not out.

Please take a look and tell us of anything that looks wrong, we want to fix any issues as soon as possible. You may have also notice that Vehicles and Starships are now quite pretty.

We have the stat block just like it shows in the books and have enhanced the image to make things look better. We do need to get more images of vehicles that have transparent backgrounds, but we're working on it. Hope you all enjoy. April 5, , p. It is time Updates are moving right along.Shipwrights can repair ships faster and at a reduced cost.

After comparing the first set of paired sym bols Success and Failurethe player can determine if the task succeeds.

Normally, Id add two Setbacks because of the darkness, but since you have a glow rod, Ill drop that to one Setback Q Diana Kasuni : And my one rank of the Keen Eyed talent removes that Setback from the pool.

Navigator SS - Some marriage between a Scout and a Pilot: A hybrid of piloting skills and overland travel boosts, mixed with general tracking ability. The different dice and their varied symbols tell a larger story, adding depth and detail to the scene in which the PCs find themselves.

The following sections de scribe these modifications in more detail. It makes crits a lot easier to trigger and adds a skill that allows you to use parry while unarmed. So get good ranged defenses and don't get caught. When the blaster bolts start fly ing, just about anything can happen.

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