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Java Culture will offer its customers the best prepared coffee in the area that will be complimented with pastries, as well as free books that its patrons can read to enjoy their visit. The company will operate a 2, square foot coffee bar within a walking distance from the University of Oregon campus. The owners have secured this location through a three-year lease with an option for extending.

The have also provided R1,4 Million of the required R1,7 Million start-up funds. The remaining capital will be obtained through Bank of America commercial loans.

The company is expected to grow sales revenue from R in FY to R in year three. Turn in profits from the first month of operations. Keys to Success The keys to success will be: Store design that will be both visually attractive to customers, and designed for fast and efficient operations.

Employee training to insure the best coffee preparation techniques. Marketing strategies aimed to build a solid base of loyal customers, as well as maximising the sales of high margin products, such as espresso drinks. Mission Java Culture will make its best effort to create a unique place where customers can socialise with each other in a comfortable and relaxing environment while enjoying the best brewed coffee or espresso and pastries in town.

We will be in the business of helping our customers to relieve their daily stresses by providing piece of mind through great ambience, convenient location, friendly customer service, and products of consistently high quality. Java Culture will invest its profits to increase the employee satisfaction while providing stable return to its shareholders.

Company Summary Java Culture, an Oregon limited liability company, sells coffee, other beverages and snacks in its 2, square feet premium coffee bar located near the University of Oregon campus.


The start-up loss of the company is assumed in the amount of R The company has secured a one-year lease of the vacant 2, square feet premises previously occupied by a hair salon. The lease contract has an option of renewal for three years at a fixed rate that Java Culture will execute depending on the financial strength of its business.

The floor plan will include a square feet back office and a 2, square feet coffee bar, which will include a seating area with 15 tables, a kitchen, storage area and two bathrooms.

The space in the coffee bar will be approximately distributed the following way — 1, square feet i. This property is located in a commercial area within a walking distance from the University of Oregon campus on the corner of a major thoroughfare connecting affluent South Eugene neighbourhood with the busy downtown commercial area.

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The commercially zoned premises have the necessary water and electricity hookups and will require only minor re-modeling to accommodate the espresso bar, kitchen and storage area. The clear window displays, through which passerby will be able to see customers enjoying their beverages, and outside electric signs will be aimed to grab the attention of the customer traffic. You will need to download the new Entrepreneur magazine app. If you use the Entrepreneur Daily app on Android: While you will have still access to all our great digital-only content, the full digital magazine articles is only available to subscribers.

You can easily upgrade within the app.

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May 26, 3 min read. The company has a suitable 3. This type of business is highly 8. There is the presence of suitable 3. The business needs a minimum 9. Business process is highly 3. The market is highly sustainable The company has an effective 3.

Composite Mean 3. The business has high ability to As seen from table 5, the over-all assessment of 3. This type of business is not 3. Among the items Composite Mean 3. It was followed by there and interpreted viable.

It was always. In the long run, this type of business business has the ability to create wealth from its exit can produce large amount of profit. There is also a strategy and the company has already planned for an good sign of sustainability. The frequency of client transaction is important as how you start it.

The goal is to maximize fluctuating depending on the demand and season. This the value of your company before converting it to cash, is the weakness of this type of business since such and to minimize the amount of time consumed. Getting irregularity will affect the constant flow of revenue for out of business is a process. The length of time the business. Viability of the Event Management underlying this decision to get out of business. The company has devised ways of into involuntary bankruptcy.

Disputes and litigation recouping the capital they have 3.

The process for getting out of business 2. Transition of ownership of the successfully requires the same amount of planning as 3. While the process should be 3. The business has the ability to 2.

The sale of equity to someone stressful. The best advice for business owners is to 3. The company has already planned into business. Exert managerial influence to ensure that for an exit strategy even before the 2. The company has the ability to roadblocks. When the time for getting out of business 3. The business has the ability to and prepare a plan.

The business has the ability to addition, the resulted p-value sig. The company has the ability to under business model and 0. This means that there is a 3. Among the items significant relationship on the two variables treated. Probability of product acceptance is based on the The alpha level under 0. Therefore, having a clear knowledge on the indicates significant relationship on the business type of service that the client needs increases the duration of year, business linkages and type of viability of the business in terms of market.

It can be observed that the economic and financial Result shows that market viability is affected by viability of a business is affected by the duration of the type of event and the type of coordination. Market year that the business has been operating and its Viability, according to Thompson [5], includes the business linkages while market viability is affected by components of market environment e. The market viability will Since the nature of event management business is highly depend on the available market in the area and primarily coordination, the need for less initial capital their demand for specific type of event.

Thus, it is is aided by enough business linkages which will supply expected that a relationship will occur between the two the resources needed for the event being organized. It variables.

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Potential market financial viability shows that in a short period of time, of event management business widely varies there is already an overall return on investment for depending on the type of coordination that the market event management business.

This type of business has demands. The pricing also differs depending on the just been flourishing for the past years but the owners extent of service that the client requires. It is crucial to are already claiming that they had already achieved note that market viability is an analysis of the their return on investment.

Table 8. Business model and exit strategy viability are both affected by business linkages. As defined by Table 9. Security and safe problems 2.

Lack of risk management 2. Weak and inadequate delegate. Establishing relationship with various promotions 2. Minimal client transaction 3. Unavailability of some 2. Lack of resourcefulness of 2. Failure to events creation 2. Overbooking of competitive disadvantage [11]. Clashing of event dates 1. Overly optimistic income 2. Failure to allow sufficient risks. Inadequate planning 2.

Problems within the clients got the highest rank with a frequency of 3. It organization committee i.

Inadequate market research 2. Ad hoc approach to 3. The least frequency is Restrictions due to 2. Failure to meet spectators manifested that the team is facing customer relation 3.

Entrepreneur magazine philippines pdf download

Changing weather 3. Demanding clients Strongly 3.Figure 6. The company has a suitable 3. Archived from the original on April 7, — via Businessweek.

The lease contract has an option of renewal for three years at a fixed rate that Java Culture will execute depending on the financial strength of its business.

This will be achieved by using high-quality ingredients and strictly following preparation guidelines. They conducted interviews with founders for a study about entrepreneurial passion.

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