Never heard of it, But it sounds like it just teaches fretboard geometry. That stuff is REALLY useful. You can find notes and scales instantly. Kirk Lorange's unique guitar instruction package, teaches the 'trick' to seeing your fretboard as familiar, friendly, well worn territory. I came across the site for Planetalk. It is a DVD and book about soloing. The site is pretty secret about the method but from researching it.

Planetalk Guitar Pdf

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The C-A-G-E-D System is a useful method for organizing all styles of music on the guitar. It is based on five essential guitar chord forms found in the first position . Guitar Daily Practice Guide P1 - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read "Classic Guitar Technique" Vol I 65 Kirk Lorange "Plane Talk DVD & Book ". Also for those that have Plain talk by Kirk Lorange, the pdf version, can you tell Fretboard logic is more indepth, Plane Talk is more practical.

The PlaneTalk Package

Then the DVD arrived and moved the lesson to a new level. Still not for advanced players but there is enough here to help clerify the fretboard for players who have yet to "picture" scales, arrpegios, chords, etc Lorange is an excellent player and an even better instructor.

Great style. He's the type of player I'd love to just sit around with and pick his brain. He obviously loves music and the guitar the way I do. So, this is great for beginners, good for intermediate players and of some use to most. The book doesn't do enough to really get past the basic theory.

download that's just my opinion. Thanks Kirk!

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I'm sure this will help my improv. Auggie Doggie. Originally posted by moonhead Just one plucker's experience, but for me it's been the best learning tool since the invention of that OLGA thingy Forgive my ignorance, but what is an 'OLGA thingy'?

My guitar books and website are currently unavailable. Originally posted by moonhead I think it stands for OnLine Guitar Archive, it's where the tabs of Harlan Thompson and Andrew Rogers have enriched my life beyond description.

I mean, you haven't lived until you've heard me and my duaghters crank out Gary Lewis and The Playboys' "Count on Me," round the kitchen table. These guys are right up there with you Auggie, in terms of karma-bank riches I didn't know there was an online guitar archive.

Thanks moonhead!

Thanks Mike! As someone else wrote me a while ago: I'm still waiting on the DVD but it should probably be here this week. I leave town on business the following week and I'm planning to take them both with me since I'll have some down time - and even a "plane" ride or two.

I'm looking forward to going through it and improving. I'm halfway through the book and have already learned two important lessons that seem so obvious now, but had never discovered after years of playing. Even if you do think of the main PT concept as a "trick", it was worth it for me. So what's on the DVD? How does it make the information from the book better?

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The book and dvd can stand alone but, together they are awesome. It shows practical application very clearly.

Help FAQs Go to top. It's cool though. There are sites that teach you that stuff for free though. I never really finished the whole thing, Just sort of read through it and learned the octave stuff.

Ragz Stadium Superstar Posts: Arena Rocker Posts: I realize this is an old thread, but thought I'd post since others might search for the topic, and I've seen the Plane Talk book. The approach it teaches is all about visualizing triads up and down the fretboard.

Georgia On My Mind - The lesson explained.

Plane Talk uses second inversion triads as its foundation i. The main question I was always asked by the students was 'what scales do you use? I had, over time, developed my own very simple way of 'seeing' the fretboard and coming up with parts and solos. It was always a huge revelation to those attending and I wrote out a 14 page course to hand out to them.

That was the seed for turning my 'system' into a proper book.

After many failed attempts to write it out in text alone, I realized that a comic strip would be a way of having the student right there asking all the right questions. So, having been a bit of a sketcher all my life, I experimented with it. I needed my teacher and student to be trapped together somewhere long enough for the lesson to unfold.

PlaneTalk Instructional Program

As a touring musician, I was often sitting on long flights next to strangers and so this is what I decided on.Now I'm impressed: It was stale and boring and at least for me very difficult to comprehend. If done correctly, it gets you to think more about what tones you are playing over a chord rather than just playing "in a key" and damn the particular chord of the moment.

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Thank you Kirk. Lorrie from Fort Worth, Texas Plane Talk is a cleverly illustrated and clearly written book that leap frogs over much of the tedium involved in guitar study.

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