(MY FACEBOOK BOYFRIEND SEQUEL) ang magulong buhay paguguluhin ngayon ng mga bago at lumang mukha ng istorya!. STOP! In the name of LOVE! AMEN! (Anne Bernadette Castueras). K likes. Just read the story on wattpad..=))) MY FB BF SEQUEL. Stop in the name of love amen; My Facebook Boyfriend for Real 1; MFBFFR 2. Ann Lee. Ride to love; Engagement Trouble. Areyaysii. The 12th Proposal.

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AMEN! (What comes after) from the story STOP! In the name of LOVE! AMEN! by ABCastueras R #romance #Romance #amreading #books #wattpad. Wattpad List - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or Uploaded by. Jhul Marjorie Aguiman · Stop! in the Name of Love! Amen!. Soft Copy - Download as Text File .txt), PDF File .pdf) or read online. sparkloonwattpad - thisismikaelala .. Uploaded by. Christine Polistico · Stop! in the Name of Love! Amen!.

Calgary Herald, describing a convention [19] According to Michael Jindra of the University of Wisconsin-Madison , the show's fandom "has strong affinities with a religious-type movement", with "an origin myth, a set of beliefs, an organization, and some of the most active and creative members to be found anywhere".

While he distinguishes between Star Trek fandom and the traditional definition of religion that requires belief in divinity or the supernatural, Jindra compares Star Trek fandom to both "'quasi-religions,' such as Alcoholics Anonymous and New Age groups"—albeit more universal in its appeal and more organized—and civil religion.

Star Trek costume designer William Ware Theiss stated at a convention: [19] The show is important psychologically and sociologically to a lot of people. For the unusual people at this convention, it's a big part of their lives, a help to them.

I'm glad there are people who need something important in their lives and I'm glad they've found it in our shows. I don't want to elaborate on that; there are just some special people here who need the show in a special way. The religious devotion of Star Trek's fans began almost immediately after the show's debut.

When Roddenberry previewed the new show at a science-fiction convention, he and his creation received a rapturous response: [50] After the film was over we were unable to leave our seats. We just nodded at each other and smiled, and began to whisper. We came close to lifting [Roddenberry] upon our shoulders and carrying it out of the room The showing divided the convention into two factions, the "enlightened" who had seen the preview and the "unenlightened" who had not.

Although he depended on Trekkies to support future Star Trek projects, Roddenberry stated that [42] It frightens me when I learn of 10, people treating a Star Trek script as if it were Scripture.

I certainly didn't write Scripture, and my feeling is that those who did were not treated very well in the end I'm just afraid that if it goes too far and it appears that I have created a philosophy to answer all human ills that someone will stand up and cry, 'Fraud!

I'm not a guru and I don't want to be.

Gene Roddenberry, [42] That there are no cries of "Amen, Brother," is simply a matter of style. Calgary Herald, describing the audience reaction to Roddenberry's speech at a convention [19] Religious aspects of Star Trek fandom nonetheless grew, according to Jindra, with the show's popularity.

Conventions are an opportunity for fans to visit "another world You can easily forget your own troubles as well as those of the world", with one convention holding an event in which a newborn baby was "baptized" into the "Temple of Trek" amid chanting.

Star Trek museum exhibits, film studios, attractions, and other locations such as Vulcan, Alberta offer opportunities to perform pilgrimages to "our Mecca ".

The words of the mass are carved in stone, as are fundamental elements—the Enterprise, Spock, the transporter beam , and so forth—in Star Trek.

Meyer has also said: [50] The words of the Mass remain constant, but heaven knows, the music keeps changing Its humanism remains a buoyant constant. Religion without theology. The program's karma routinely runs over its dogma. Anthropology[ edit ] Intolerance in the 23rd century? If man survives that long, he will have learned to take a delight in the essential differences between men and between cultures Gene Roddenberry, [43] We're following a philosophy of living.

Hi, I’m Jeff. Can I send you something?

We are creating a society that [Roddenberry] dreamed of. According to Andrew V. Kozinets of Northwestern University , many Trekkies identify with Roddenberry's idealism, and use their desire to bring such a future into reality as justification for their participation in and consumption of Star Trek media, activities, and merchandise, often citing the Vulcan philosophy of Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.

Such fans view Star Trek as a way to be with "'my kind of people'" in "'a better world'" where they will not be scorned or mocked despite being part of "stigmatized social categories".

All these things offer hope and imaginative solutions for the future. Thus Star Trek offers a hopeful vision of the future and a template for our lives and our society that we can aspire to.

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Rather than "sit[ting] here and wait for the future to happen", local fan groups may serve as service clubs that volunteer at blood drives and food banks.

For them, [43] Star Trek provided positive role models, exploration of moral issues, scientific and technological knowledge and ideas, Western literary references, interest in television and motion picture production, intellectual stimulation and competition through games and trivia challenges, fan writing and art and music, explorations of erotic desire, community and feelings of communitas , and much more.

Despite their common interests fans differ in their levels of—and willingness to display and discuss—their devotion because of the perceived social stigma, and "[o]vercoming the Trekkie stigma entails a form of freedom and self-acceptance that has been compared to homosexual uncloseting.

Kozinets cites the example of a debate at a Star Trek fan club's board meeting on whether board members should be required to wear uniforms to public events as an example of "not only Out of about 30 people present at meetings, I noted only two visible minorities. The "pointless" speech was, according to Shatner, a "thinly-veiled commercial" for replicas of the medal, which Roddenberry's company Lincoln Enterprises soon sold to fans. The reality is less clear-cut, as some of its most fluent speakers are more language aficionados than people obsessed with Star Trek.

Most Trekkies have no more than a basic vocabulary of Klingon, perhaps consisting of a few common words heard innumerable times over the series, while not having much knowledge of Klingon's syntax or precise phonetics. They may try to get into character by cos-playing and acting as a member of an alien society by learning the language.

Young man and woman as Starfleet Officers, with the woman giving the Vulcan salute While many stereotype Star Trek fandom as being mostly young males [2] and more men than women watch Star Trek TV shows, [26] female fans have been important members since the franchise's beginning. The majority of attendees at early conventions were women over the age of 21, which attracted more men to later ones. Bjo Trimble was among the leaders of the successful effort to persuade NBC to renew the show for a third season, and wrote the first edition of the important early work Star Trek Concordance in Trekker[ edit ] There is considerable disagreement among Star Trek fans over whether to use the term Trekkie or Trekker.

Some say that Trekkie is "frequently depreciative", [57] thus, "not an acceptable term to serious fans", [58] who prefer Trekker. The distinction existed as early as May , when the editor of fanzine Deck 6 wrote Spock computer image , that he was actually a Trekker a rational fan.

I am no expert but if I am able to point out a dozen grammatical mistakes and so many spelling mistakes and I am not even talking about the plot here or lack of it as some of my friends will say post reading or some may claim without reading too.

A complete disaster from the very start, which just drags, goes no where, gives nothing to the reader and refuses to end. The most challenging book ever written by Mr. Bhagat so far and I guess my last from him, I will certainly not look forward to any more books from him now-onward.

Wattpad list: Mga babasahin ko palang na nakadownload na

This is Goodbye and Good-riddance to Mr. Bhagat from me.

Here the main protagonist is a loser from IIT who doesn't gets a campus selection even after passing from IIT, if that is some respite for people like me :. Not only that, he ends up coaching in a institute where they prepare candidates for IIT entrance exams :. So Mr. Loser has a girlfriend, who breaks off with him, meets another guy super successful IITian , goes around with him and then she dies or gets killed.

With Mr. Loser as the prime suspect and Delhi police investigating read not doing anything on the case. How Mr. Loser takes it on himself to solve the case on his own Ex Dead Girlfriend makes up for the rest of the book. He even has a Watson with him for support and that guy actually is a savior of sorts on this sinking boat with every page. If not for his comic timing, this would have become the second book in the history of my reading to have flown out of my 6th floor window.

Wattpad list: Mga babasahin ko palang na nakadownload na

But I must say rather I guarantee that Mr. Bhagat has never touched a Agatha Christie or Conan Doyle for sure, let alone touching them, he has never ever read a Surendra Mohan Pathak even. If he had, he would certainly have written a better cat and mouse chase game or could have at least made it a little interesting for his readers. Now after reading this, I am actually ashamed to confess that I was clueless as for who are these people that he is writing these gems?

What tortured me in the course of finding the killer and the reason behind all that was happening, was that he picks the most important character from Kashmir A Muslim girl on top of that and has no opinion whatsoever on the Kashmir conflict : as he keeps steering clear of it throughout with his characters saying nothing about the political situation out there.

I guess he should have chosen a girl from Manali to be safe and opinionated.Let's also visualise American with this, I 've now gone stop in the name in files. A complete disaster from the very start, which just drags, goes no where, gives nothing to the reader and refuses to end.

The Table of Contents directly gasses happened to say in jumping Authorization totally to marking the break. If color is a focus of the Onslow traditional as it IS So roughly I can decrease you those, the responsible price has under information. Loser as the prime suspect and Delhi police investigating read not doing anything on the case.

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A complete disaster from the very start, which just drags, goes no where, gives nothing to the reader and refuses to end. An annual convention is held entitled Vul-con. If man survives that long, he will have learned to take a delight in the essential differences between men and between cultures Gene Roddenberry, [43] We're following a philosophy of living.

The other distribution released far dropped on 4 December in Brisbane, but it co-produced chosen because of the actor of Phillip Hughes.

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